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Monday, April 17, 2006


"Look where we worship"

Those words are the beginning of a poetry book I’m reading called “The Lords and The New Creatures” by Jim Morrison, yes THAT Jim Morrison. It was first published in the late 1960’s to critical scorn. Maybe they just didn’t get it, maybe it was just ahead of its time, or maybe Morrison was just a little TOO “out there”. Regardless, I recommend picking it up. I’m not trying to turn this into a poetry critique, after all, this is a sports blog right? The reason I mention it is because those first few words spoken by The Lizard King woe those many years ago made me stop and think…..where DO we worship? And WHAT do we worship?

Anyone reading this may immediately say “well, I’m a Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu or what have you” and I don’t doubt that, but are any of those really the religion many espouse to follow? Or is there another that we truly follow?

Is Sports the World’s newest and greatest religion? You may not think so at first glance, but look again.

All religions have the basic things in common; masses of believers, places of worship, prophets and heroes.

This year is a prime year to prove the point that Sports is the new religion. What are the most watched events in modern history? Is it The Papal Easter Mass? Could it be a World Leader’s speech that could affect our very lives? Or perhaps it’s some other profound occurrence that could mould human history or ingrain itself on our collective psyche? No, none of these seemingly important events can begin to compare to the attention of The Super Bowl, The World Cup, or the Olympics. In fact, they are almost insignificant in comparison…at least according to viewers.

Everyday millions turn to their favorite Sports Page, website, or TV channel to get the latest scores, news and happenings from the World of Sports, these are their Bible, the place they receive the good word, and get emotional and spiritual confirmation about their cherished teams or heroes. Every Sunday they turn out en masse to their chosen places of worship, to bask in the glow of competition. What are these places? They’re a couch placed in front of a high definition altar, they’re the local pub or bar where they meet with the other faithful to rejoice or commiserate the deeds of their idols, and they’re 75,000 all-seater cathedrals with retractable roofs, where the truest believers can enjoy air conditioning and a full compliment of eating establishments, not to mention the alcoholic ambrosia available for about $5.00 a pint. Some places have wine and bread, others, beer and a hotdog. To each his own

Would these folks ever consider missing a day of worship? Don’t even think about it. Get up for church? Nah can’t be bothered, it’ll be there, but miss the big game…now that’s sacrilege.

Still not convinced? Think about this. Most people who profess to be religious, are not really devout, and only show up when it’s important, you know the big days like Easter, Christmas, etc. They feel it necessary to be there when all eyes are watching. They may not be true believers, but they’ll say “hey, at least I’m there when it matters” Same with sports. Look around you everywhere, there are those who say they don’t like or care about sports. But lo and behold when its Super Bowl time, suddenly everyone is a sports fan, even if it is a superficial need to be seen. So it seems Sports may indeed be taking over as the new religion. Are overpaid, preening athletes are our heroes and prophets? Are sports writers and anchors are our priests using media as the way to spread the good word? Are state of the art stadiums are our churches? Maybe, maybe not. But at least it gives us something to think about.

By the way the next big gathering for the faithful takes place in June. Location: Germany

That’s my three cents

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Every one of the guys on the U.S. Speed skating team should be ashamed of themselves, everyone except Shani Davis and Joey Cheek that is. Most people have heard the unfortunate saga that has made the entire U.S team look like a bunch of asses. You see Shani isn’t part of their little clique. Chad Hedrick, Derek Parra, and the rest of their little cronies, including Coach Dan Jansen are trying to blame Davis for their failures. They say he’s not a team player and is selfish because he wouldn’t give up his dream of Olympic success, in order to help Hedrick satisfy his Texas sized ego. Davis has trained his whole life to win gold in the 1000m race, and he did. Hedrick has only been skating since 2002, and had aspirations, more like over hype, of winning five golds in Torino, and since he didn’t he has to put the blame somewhere, so why not put it to the guy that has NEVER been accepted by the U.S. Speed Skating team or officials.

You see, I’ve had to deal with guys like this personally, spoiled brats with a frat-boy mentality, “frat brats” if you will. They’re the guys we all remember from high school and college that walked around, nay strutted around like their collective shit didn’t stink, all the while refusing to even acknowledge anyone from “outside” their little group….until they wanted something that is. Then when they are refused, they whine and complain that it’s the other guy’s fault for not helping them.

Davis has never been considered on of the team, he’s never train for the team pursuit, which by the way wasn’t even an event until this Olympics, and never, ever gave the illusion that he would do it. Hedrick and the other frat brats are complaining that Davis isn’t a team player because he wouldn’t help them win gold. Personally I don’t think it would have mattered. Here’s a question for Chad and his “boys”…if Davis has never been a team player, has never been “one of the boys”, never gave an inkling that he would run the race, and said point blank that he was training for HIS Olympic dreams….why did you think he would run the race? Why did you wait until a few days before to even ask? Why not ask him months ago? I know I’m asking these idiots to do something they’re not used to doing, thinking logically, but come on. Truth is you don’t care about the team concept, you only wanted to use Davis to help yourselves, and when he said no, you threw a hissy fit. But that pretty much sums up Chad Hedrick’s personality…a cocky, arrogant spoiled brat. The type that can’t shake Davis’ hand when he won…even though Davis shook hi and congratulated him when Hedrick won the 5000m race.

Another question…why not bitch at any of the other U.S. Skaters that didn’t run the race?

Why not Casey Fitzranolph, Kip Carpenter, or Tucker Fredricks? We know why you said nothing about Joey Cheek, with his giving his winnings to charity, helping under-privileged kids, and generally being a nice guy, you’d have been strung up if you said even a whisper about him. But why not the other guys Chad? Could it be because you’re all in the same boys club?

Hedrick has come out and said that unless he wins, he doesn’t care about it. Is this the type of role model we want for future generations of skaters? He’s like that kid we all new on the playground when we were young. He’s all smiles, a good sport, and everyone’s best friend…as long as he’s winning…if he doesn’t win; he kicks the ball over the fence and stomps home to pout. By the way Chad, I’m not buying the whole “my country this, my country that” routine. I know that was for the benefit of the folks back home in Texas who eat that crap up, but no one else is listening. Instead of your country, I think you’re more concerned with YOUR gold medals, and YOUR endorsement deals that may have fallen through because you couldn’t back up your ten-gallon mouth and win 5 golds.

Eric Heiden came out and pretty much said that Davis is justified since he DID win the gold. Athletes from other countries see no problem with what he did, and say they would have done the same thing. So I’m asking….why do we give a crap what a bunch of spoiled frat brats think?


That’s for everyone in the U.S. Media. TV, Radio, Newspapers, the whole lot of you. Shani Davis makes Olympic history by becoming the first black athlete to win an individual Winter Gold Medal, and all you can focus on is the whining of one bitchy Texas crybaby. SHAME SHAME SHAME


Johnny Weir….you’ve gotta love his point blank personality, and the fact that he marches to a different drummer. But to blame his poor performance on the bus schedule is just pathetic. I know he’s admitted to being “pricessy”, that means “spoiled drama queen with delusions of grandeur” for the rest of us, but PUUUHHLEASE. You’re telling me that Ralph Kramden is responsible for a lackluster performance, and the fact that you couldn’t do any quads or triples? I can picture Otto from the Simpsons screaming "dude, don't try the quad" Stop kidding yourself…when you can actually win something with class, then you can bitch…until then, you go in the Tonya Harding section.


I’d just like to remind everyone that yours truly picked Finland to be the team of the hockey tournament, and so far I’m right…5-0 as of this post…why? Because unlike Team USA, Finland is actually playing as a team.


I Think I may be the only person from the South that doesn’t like NASCAR. I like racing, but I prefer Formula 1 and Rally Racing (Baja, Dakar, etc) to guys driving around in circles. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate NASCAR, I just don’t care for it, the same as some guys don’t like Baseball, Soccer, or Hockey (how can they not?). Besides, names like Ford, Chevy , and Dodge can't compare with Ferrari, Porshe, or McLaren. Before anyone flames me for not knowing the sport, keep in mind that I grew up down South, within a couple of hours of most of the big tracks, Bristol, Charlotte, Talladega, Atlanta, etc. And I can tell you more about it and the history of it than most. I can throw out names like David Pearson, Fireball Roberts, Parnelli Jones, Junior Johnson and about 50 more that will make most of the newcomers say “who?” In fact most “new” NASCAR fans are unaware that the sport actually existed more that 5 years ago. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise when I couldn’t care less who won it, the only thing that made me even look up when Sports Center talked about it was because the guy that won had an illegal car. Turns out it wasn't illegal at the time of the race, but still, that added to all the other whining from drivers equals too much hillbilly Soap Opera drama for my taste, maybe it should be called "DAYS OF OUR TORQUE WRENCHES" or something. And what's the deal with finishing under caution? How bush league is that? You never see that in Rally or Formula one


That chant never sounded as sweet as it did last night when the boys from Arsenal went into the Santiago Bernabaeu in Madrid, Spain and became the first ever British club to beat might Real Madrid on its home turf. The GUNNERS, led by Thierry Henry that’s pronounced TEE-ERRY ON-REE (he’s French) ended the night with a 1 to 0 lead going into the next leg of their European Champions League knockout game. So a big shout out to the boys from North London, and good luck in the second leg at Highbury

That’s my long three cents

Saturday, February 18, 2006


Week 1 of the Winter Olympics has come and gone, and although there have been some great stories and events, the most talked about has to be the dashing of egos. Some of these egos have been shattered because the teams were simply outplayed. Take for example Hockey. Team USA loses to Slovakia, Canada, the gold medal favorite, upset by Switzerland, and Slovakia beating mighty Russia. The truth on these upsets is that all the “big” teams played like crap. Full of NHL All-Stars, they acted as if they only needed to show up. They got a huge wake up call, and learned the hard way that they’re actually going to have to play. The hockey tournament is wide open now and it’s anyone’s guess who’ll win. The odds still favor Canada, Russia, and Sweden…but my dark horse is Finland (You heard it here first)

The other shattered egos have all been self made. Apolo Anton Ohno, who should get a gold medal for having the coolest name at the Olympics, bottled it in the semi-final of the 1500m Short Track race. All he needed to do was finish first or second to qualify for the final. With 1 ½ laps to got he’s comfortably in second behind a Chinese skater, he’s safe, he’s in, so what does he do? Tries to show off, go around the outside and get the “win” but instead he tanked it went sliding across the ice and out of the final. Apolo, I still think you’re cool, but dude, show some restraint next time.

And biggest gaffe so far has to be U.S. Snowboarder Lindsay Jacobellis, who leading by a country mile in the final Snowboard Cross race, all she had to do was stay one her feet and she had the gold locked, but no she tried to do a board grab ala Shaun White, landed on her ass, was passed by the next rider and was lucky not to be disqualified for going out of bounds. She even tried to claim she was “stabilizing her board against the wind…but not even Stevie Wonder was buying that. Lindsay, babe, I hope that showboating was worth pissing away the gold….I usually don’t give this kind of insult out to female athletes but…JACKASS!!


And now to the biggest ego bust so far has to be the one and only Bode Miller

I think it was Confucius that said "Karma's a Bitch"...You jinxed yourself there Bode, saying you don’t care about winning medals didn’t sit to well with most fans, and apparently Fate didn’t like it much either, since its made sure you didn’t win anything and seem to be on your way to being the biggest Olympic bust in history. 5th in the downhill, OK I’ll cut you some slack on this one since Deneriaz and Walchofer had outstanding runs, but a DQ in the Combined, and a DNF in the Super-G, what the hell is wrong with you man? Take your head out of your Jacobellis and DO SOMETHING in the next two races, start by actually finishing.

By the way…I’m not buying into your whole “I don’t care about winning, medals haven’t changed my life, living the simple life” bullshit.

Un: If you didn’t care about winning, then you wouldn’t be racing, you’d be some out of work ski bum in Vermont who spends all his unemployment check on lift tickets and weed.

Deux: I guess winning all those medals had nothing to do with the millions you make in prize money and endorsements, the fact that you’re famous, the fact that you make a living doing something you love, and spend your off time partying around the world. Which brings me to the last aspect

Trois: the last time I checked, “the simple life” didn’t include jetting around the globe like a rock star, writing “FOR RENT” on your helmet to whore yourself out to corporate sponsors, take golfing holidays in Dubai, or hold out for magazine covers.

I don’t believe to stuff about still living in a cabin with no toilet either.

So in a nutshell…you’re full of shit, period, end of story

Enough negativity….congratulations to all the other athletes from all countries who have competed (except that cheating Russian bitch). Win or lose you’ve made these games great and memorable.

And I think we all need to give a huge shout to Shani Davis for becoming the first black athlete in history to win an individual medal in the Winter Olympics. No doubt it will be talked about in every school in America, and rightly so, this being Black History Month.. Athletes like Davis should be exaulted, not for winning, but for showing young black kids that there is something more than being a thug wannabe, or any of the other bad things that seem happen to a lot of kids in Davis' home in Chicago's Southside. Cheers to you Shani


That's my three cents

Thursday, February 09, 2006


Let the Games begin. The Winter Olympics are set to begin tomorrow in Torino (I refuse to call it by anything but its Italian name), and it’s not a moment too soon. I love the Winter Games, they’re much better than the Summer ones in my opinion. Maybe it’s my cold weather ancestry, maybe it’s the snow bunnies around the slopes, or maybe it’s just that there are more events that interest me and that are more exciting. In the Summer Games, I like the swimming and the odd track and field event, but that’s pretty much it. Don’t mention Gymnastics or Diving, nothing against those fine athletes, but I hate subjective sports. I like events and sports where one guy, or girl, wins because they out ran, out jumped, or out scored their opponent, not based on someone’s opinion or national biased. I know you’re going to throw Figure Skating out there since I’m heralding the Winter Games, but no matter how hot I think the skaters are (the females, sorry Rudy Galindo…not that there’s anything wrong with that), it falls into that category too.

Think of all the cool events (pun intended) in the Winter Olympics. You’ve got Bobsledding, Luge, any and all Downhill Skiing events, Hockey, Speed Skating (long and short track), Snowboarding, Biathlon (no, its skiing and shooting a rifle, you perv), Cross Country Skiing, and even curling (hey, it's the closest bowling will ever come to being in the Olympics). My favorite to watch though is probably ski jumping…tell me that doesn’t take some cajones. Who can forget “the agony of defeat”? No junior that’s not something they get if their ski boots are too tight.

Some of my best sports memories are of the Winter Olympics, which I first watched in 1980 when they were in Lake Placid. Yes the Games have lost their innocence and some shine since pro athletes, read hockey players, have been allowed to compete, not to mention the numerous scandals of the last few years. But for every spoiled pro that trashes a hotel after they lose, this is you TEAM USA, there is a “Miracle on Ice”, for every bribed judging fiasco, there is a Sarah Hughes. The Olympics are still a great venue for the celebration of athletes, and triumph of the human spirit. Remember the Jamaican Bobsled Team? How about Eddie “the Eagle” Edwards? If not look them up because they are great stories. Here were athletes who didn’t have a prayer of finishing in the top half, let alone of winning a medal. They’re guys who were laughed at and ridiculed, until they won over the crowds with their hearts and their determination to show they too belonged. For them just participating was a victory, and in the end, we all won, because they competed.

The snows are falling in the Italian Piedmont, and the torch is about to be lit. Let’s sit back, grab a cold one and watch as the best from around the globe set the winter days and nights on fire, all the while hoping that none of the ugliness in the outside world spills in and spoils the party.

P.S. Bode, if you want to get negative attention away from you don’t try to deflect it to someone else, after all you’re the one who skied drunk, buy the way what did you think would happen when you admitted that? Ass.

Any way here’s what you do. Shut your ganja hole and freaking win something. I used to like you, but when you tried to drag Lance Armstrong into your sad little world, you crossed the line. No matter how many Gold Medals you win, or how many times you’re crowned champion, you’ll never be in the same league as Lance. I’m not talking athletic prowess either. Even with only one testicle, he’s still more of a man than you’ll ever dream of becoming. (I just heard Sheryl Crow's voice in my head saying "thatsa spicy meatball"....haaaaaaaaa)


Although I love the Olympics, both Winter and Summer, and what they stand for (or at least what they’re supposed to stand for). It never ceases to amaze me the furor that people so willingly embrace when the chance to put in an Olympic bid comes around. Countless people and corporations run to jump on the bid bandwagon until its bursting at the seams, fighting tooth and nail to raise billions of dollars for an event that will last 2 weeks.

We need to build new stadiums, venues and apartments for athletes and dignitaries? problem. We need to rebuild our entire city’s infrastructure basically from scratch? problem. We need to tax our citizens for 30 years to pay for it?...No problem.

Yet when asked to do the same to help the homeless, the hungry, the poverty stricken, and those less fortunate than the rest of us, all we get is a wagon full of hems and haws, and billions of empty promises. If we can do it for sport, why not for our fellow man?

Think about that the next time your walking down a wind chilled street that freezes your long john wearing, insulated parka attired, water-proof boot having, scarf wrapped, hot cocoa drinking ass to the bone and you see some guy that’s down on his luck, and remember this…Baby it’s cold outside.

Yeah, a little preachy...but hey, I think we need it....peace

That’s my three cents, and in the spirit of nationalism remember…

"Why is American beer served cold? So you can tell it from urine." -David Moulton

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


I wasn’t expecting to make another post this week, but this whole Stupor Bowl thing just won’t go away.


Remember the touchdown Seattle had negated by the dubious interference call? I know you do. Guess where the official that made the call, and cost the Seahawks a touchdown is from?...What is Pittsburgh Alex?……DING DING DING DING you just won the big money!!

I thought there were clauses and rules and regulations and sub-paragraphs dealing with conflict of interest….guess not…care to comment Mr. Tagliabue?

Sure he does, but his comments are reserved for Mike Holmgren, not the officials. People are asking, should Holmgren be speaking out and bad mouthing the referees? Damn right he should be. If this had been a one time, one off badly officiated game, I’d throw my hands up and say “fair enough, their human, we all make mistakes”. But the fact that this season and the past several have been plagued by bad calls, and lousy officiating leads me to firmly believe that something must be done.

Part of the problem is that NFL refs are part timers, they all have normal jobs through the week, and this may be the main problem. MLB, the NBA, and NHL all have full time officials and they rarely make bad decisions, oh you get the odd missed foul, or cross check now and then, but rarely any that dominate and change the game dramatically. It may be more difficult to have full time officials since the season is drastically shorter than the other sports, and they only play once per week. But of course, I have the solution. Hold the refs accountable.

Have a rules committee rate them after each game, if their “grades” fall below a certain point, they don’t officiate again until they pass some sort of test, seminar, witch trial, whatever. Or better yet, make the refs available after each game to the press the same way coaches and players are. I guarantee if they start having to justify their decisions to the press and public, and answer questions about bad calls, they’ll stop making them. If a player or coach make a bad decision or mistake, they’re grilled alive by reporters minutes after the final whistle…why not the zebras?

And from the “WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?” Department

I’ve lost so much respect for Joe Montana since he decided to skip the MVP honors preceding the Super Bowl. Mostly because his story has changed a few times already…first it was about appearance money, you greedy bastard. Then it was about his son’s basketball game, c’mon what high school in America has a basketball game on Sunday…Super Bowl Sunday at that. The he said it was because he had moved on and football was no longer part of his life. Joey, a few things here. 1. No one was asking you to come back and play again. 2. No one was asking you to be a full time commentator. 3. If football is no longer part of your life….why do you still make commercials and endorsements wearing your jersey, or using the fact that you're a former football great? The fact that you still make millions off of endorsements based on your legacy as a football player, and the fact that you were in Detroit for most of the week tells me you full of shit. By the way, I’m certain your son would be ok with his dad being honored for 15 seconds in a once in a lifetime event, I mean how many of these guys will be alive at Super Bowl L (that’s 50 for the folks back home in Tennessee)?

As far as Terry Bradshaw goes, I’m not buying his "being with his family excuse either". He was in Detroit all week doing his “job” as an analyst, and was reportedly there during the Super Bowl. So why couldn’t he spare 10-15 seconds for what would have most certainly been the biggest cheer of all for the MVPs? My opinion is this, it’s simple…the Super Bowl was broadcast on ABC….Terry is a high profile commentator/analyst for FOX…end of story. Had it been shown on FOX, I, like Joe Willy, guarantee El Baldo would have strutted his stuff down the field like the cock of the walk.

While I’ll always respect what these two guys did as players, as men, I just have to shake my head.

That’s my three cents and remember….

"The easiest way to spot a wanker in a pub is to look around and find who's drinking a Corona with a slice of lemon in the neck." -Warwick Franks

Monday, February 06, 2006


Those famous words were spoken by arguably the most famous football coach ever, Vince Lombardi. That’s probably what he would have said had he been watching Super Bowl XL, I know I was. Before anyone accuses me of being biased or sour grapes, know that I am neither a Steelers or Seahawks fan, and had no preference over who won (actually I was leaning slightly towards Pittsburgh. I think it was great to see Jerome Bettis finally get a ring and finish his career in his hometown with a win he’s a great player and deserves it. I also think it was great that Bill Cowher finally got the “he hasn’t won the big one” monkey off his back. My problem is how this victory was achieved, or should I say cheapened by some of the most obscenely bad officiating I’ve ever witnessed.

Yes I know that refs make bad calls, it happens. If it had been just one blown call last night, fair enough, they’re only human. Even if there were bad calls all around and both teams were affected, I could live with it. But to see such a blatant, one-sided, and dare I say biased game called is just downright heinous, yes I said heinous. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t begrudge Pittsburgh their victory, just the manner in which it was tainted, by the boys in the stripes. Big Ben and the boys played ok, yes just ok, and the entire team with the possible exception of Joey Porter (did he even play?) are a class act and deserve as much as anyone to be World Champions. But if they’re going to win it all….let THEM win it all. I’m not going to go over every bad, biased call, that’s already been done to death in every column and website dealing with sports. Had the game been called straight, there’s no guaranteeing that the outcome would have been different, but the game itself would have been. To put it bluntly, Seattle was robbed of at least the chance to win. But yours truly believes that’s exactly what was supposed to happen.

Oh no, another conspiracy theory you say? Damn skippy. It was pretty clear that the NFL and the media all wanted Pittsburgh to win. They wanted THE BUS to go out a hero in his home town. All through the two weeks leading up to the game, all we heard was Pittsburgh this, the Steelers that, would be great if Jerome blah, blah, blah. The Seahawks got no respect at all; most of the media acted as if instead of having the best record in the NFC, the League MVP, and a dominant season, that Seattle barely backed into the playoffs, weren’t supposed to be there, and never mattered. Consider that the commercials showing players holding the Lombardi Trophy and telling what it would mean to them were dominated by Steelers, the entire first half, was Pittsburgh players, Matt Hasselbeck was the only Seahawk that got in voice time, a couple other were just quickly shown then back to the Steelers. Also consider the team introductions…Seattle were given some lame ass opera like music, and Pittsburgh got the hardcore bad-ass music.

Then there was the crowd. I know Pittsburgh isn’t that far from Detroit, but come on, there has never been that much of a disparity in tickets and fans. There have been instances where teams played close to home and didn’t have a big difference in fans.

Super Bowl XXXIV in Atlanta, a stones throw from Tennessee, but did the Titans have a crowd advantage? Nope. Or Super Bowl XIX at Stanford Stadium, a practical suburb of San Francisco for fucks sake, no advantage to the Niners either.

Then there's the fact that Sports Illustrated was selling Pittsburgh Championship merchandise before the game even started.

I could go on and on, but I won’t. The bottom line is that Jerome Bettis’s ring, Bill Cowher’s monkey slinging, and Pittsburgh’s “one for the thumb” will be tainted by what everyone is saying is the worst officiated Super Bowl in history, and a one sided media blitz that would make Joseph Goebbels say “well done lads”

It's pretty sad when stories like that of Jerome Bettis, and Bill Cowher's promise to Dan Rooney, and Pittsburgh's great playoff run and 5th Super bowl victory are being over shadowed by bad calls and percieved favoritism...don't believe me? check out every sports website or fan blog and see what the top talking point is. Back to Joey Porter....Joey, dude, the next time you want to talk shit about how good you are, you might want to actually show up and play. I'm not sure they even called your name last night, at least Stevens showed up, even if he did drop passes, at least he was there. And by the way, you're not scary, that comment you made about walking down an alley made me laugh since both you and Stevens have just such baby faces. You can't pull off the "I'm a scary, tough bad ass routine" You're no more intimidating than my three year old daughter Robin. You want scary and intimidating, look at Ray Lewis or Jevon Kearse, now those are guys you want beside you in a dark alley.

Anyway congrats to the Steelers, Jerome Bettis, Bill Cowher, and Dan Rooney. You're all class acts and deserve all the bad they're being blocked out by all the negative aspects of the Super Spectacle

Just when you thought it was over.

One last thing to bitch about. What kind of lame ass half time show was that? I love the Stones, Hot Rocks is one of my favorite CDs, but come on, no one wants to see Mick Jagger’s wrinkled skeleton pretend it’s still sexy, or Keith Richards ambling around like a zombie, I swear I saw the spectre of death following him around, looking at his watch, saying “dude, enough already, lets go” Most of the crowd seemed like they couldn’t care less about them, the real crowd, not those idiots paid the jump around the stage with their hands waving and jumping up and down like they were in a preppy mosh pit. I’m tired of seeing the same OLD performers, like Paul McCartney (I am not a Beatles fan). The people that choose the entertainers need to get their collective heads out of their asses and get something contemporary. I know they’re still stunned by “nipple gate” and only want safe bands, what kind of world has it become when the Stones are considered safe? And nothing is more pathetic than a bunch of 60 year old guys trying to act like they're still 25, how many hair dye companies stay in business because of these guys?

The worst thing about it was that being in Detroit; they had a perfect, ready made show already there. If they want old school, the go with some Motown greats. How about Smokey Robinson, Diana Ross, the Temptations, etc, etc, etc. Or if they want a huge rock band, why not someone like U2 or Green Day? Too new you say, fine, how about KISS, they are still a huge band, electrify crowds, and have strong ties with Detroit, hellooooo “Detroit Rock City” ring a bell? Idiots

My point is not only did they give us a crappy show; they totally disrespected the city of Detroit, by not including it in the show. They’ll point to Stevie Wonder and Martha Reeves' pre-game performances, but no one’s buying it. You fucked up, admit it and do better next year.

If pressed on my true opinion of Super Bowl XL…I may have to borrow from Comic Book Guy….Worst Super Bowl ever!!!

That’s my three cents


As some may have noticed, I haven't had a new post on here since Thanksgiving. Sorry about that but circumstances prevented me from being able to update my blog...hey I'm in the military, shit happens. Anyway, I'll be posting regularly again starting with a Super Bowl recap and rant. But now the posts will probably be weekly, instead of daily. So stay tuned. "Beer... the cause, and soloution to most of life's problems"

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


A couple of days ago Detroit Red Wings defenseman Jiri Fischer, collapsed on the bench during the first period of Detroit’s game with the Nashville Predators, he went into a seizure, and actually had his heart stop for a short period. He received CPR from team doctors and was rushed to a local hospital. The cause of the seizure is unknown, but he is doing fine now. That’s great to hear, but it’s not the best part of the story in my opinion.

The truly interesting part of the story is how the NHL, the teams and the fans reacted. Hockey IS a violent game. With all of the hard hits, and break-neck speed at which it’s played it’s no wonder when players get injured, nor is it a surprise when a player decides to go psycho and purposely try to hurt or injure another player. Occasionally these guys will even drop their gloves and do an impression of Hagler vs. Hearns. In fact all of this is to be expected, not necessarily condoned, but expected. It’s like the old saying about two guys going to a fight, and a hockey game broke out, we’re used to it being violent

But never before has a hockey game been postponed due to player injury. Players have broken bones, fractured necks and spines, been concussed (yes it’s a word before you ask), and been knocked unconscious, but the game was never delayed much longer than it took to get them off the ice, even though some of those players could have died. But the other night was different, the league, Fischer’s Detroit teammates, and players from Nashville some who play with him on the Czech national team, refused to let the game go on. The league felt it was inappropriate to continue and the players were too shaken to be able to play on, so the game was postponed, and not one fan protested. In the past the league would have kept the game going, probably because of revenue, the fans would have yelled for the players to suck it up and keep playing, and the players would have done it.

Hockey has changed. It’s refreshing to see a league, players, and more importantly the fans realize that sports aren’t the most important thing. A man’s life was in danger, and everyone at the Joe Louis Arena rose to the occasion and did whatever they could to put his safety, the welfare of his family, and the overall well being of the players and the game ahead of their lust for sport and competition. Even after the game was postponed and the teams had left the ice, thousands of fans stayed in their seats waiting on any news of Jiri Fischer’s condition. No yelling, no obscenities, to crass jackasses howling “GAME ON”. Instead they all put it in perspective, and not one sports writer, analyst, fan, or man on the street has criticized them for it, thankfully. In fact the actions of the league, players and fans have been universally hailed as an example of how things ought to be.

This is a good example of how things are changing, it may be slowly but it’s changing, for the better. People are starting to put things in perspective. Who would have thought Hockey of all sports would be leading the way. Think the NFL would do the same, I seriously doubt it, they didn't even stop the game a few years ago when Mike Utley broke his neck in a game, and he also played for a Detroit team. How's that for irony?

In the age of “look at me” players, commercialization on an obscene scale, and faceless corporate bottom line mentalities, it’s great to see the humanity put back in sports. Too often we look at our heroes on the field,rink,court or track and think of them as demi-gods in the manner of Hercules. We forget that not only are these great athletes, but they’re also people, just as frail and with the same basic needs, worries and concerns as the rest of us. And like as R.E.M is fond of singing…EVERYBODY HURTS.

Something we all need to remember.

There's my three about we raise a toast and wish Jiri a speedy recovery