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Friday, November 04, 2005


Well folks, the escargot has hit the fan. Tour de France director Jean-Marie LeBlanc has taken his latest opportunity to make cheap pot shots at seven time Tour winner Lance Armstrong. LeBlanc has said that the 2006 Tour will be better now that Armstrong has retired and won’t be riding in it. He’s also taken the chance to cast shadows over Lance’s character and accomplishments as the Tour’s greatest champion. Yes I said he’s the Tour’s greatest champion, not cycling’s, that honor goes to the incomparable Eddie Merckx even Lance says so. But Eddie never won the Tour seven times on the bounce, and he didn’t have to battle cancer.

LeBlanc, and almost every other French cycling official and sports writer have all tried, and failed in my opinion, to discredit Armstrong’s illustrious accomplishments by saying he used performance enhancing drugs like EPO. They’ve allegedly found a seven year old frozen sample from him that tested positive for EPO. Now let me see if I get this straight. Lance Armstrong has won the Tour de France seven times, when it comes to drug testing he’s the most tested human in history, not once did he test positive for any kinds of drugs (other than the ones for his cancer treatment), and he gets nothing but the utmost respect and admiration from his fellow cyclists including arch-rival Jan Ullrich. Yet now these guys have stooped to claiming they have a seven year old piece of frozen piss that belongs to Armstrong and contains EPO.

SACRE BLEU!!! Le Americain cheated!! I say SACRE blow me!!

This is an obvious and pathetic example of anti-Americanism. Now I’m not here to wave the flag and play “Stars and Bars”, but I find it nauseating that anyone would try to belittle great athletes and their accomplishments solely because of his or her nationality. And that’s what’s happening pure and simple. How do I know? Look at the hypocrisy.

Richard Virenque, French, caught using performance drugs, was banned for a while from cycling, is considered a national hero in France and is a huge fan favorite.

Gilberto Simoni, Italian, caught using performance drugs, was banned for a while from cycling, is considered a national hero in Italy, and is a huge favorite in France

Marco Pantani, Italian, deceased, one of the greatest of his generation, caught using performance drugs, was banned for a while from cycling, had a heart attack due to illegal narcotics as well as performance drugs, is considered a national hero in Italy, and is a huge favorite in France, and was almost an adopted son there.

The list can go on and on. The point is the double standard, and Lance, like all Americans are still considered outsiders in any and all “European” sports. Similar thing happened to Greg Lemond when he won the Tour three times. Even though his fellow riders loved him, and he changed the way cyclists were treated and paid, he was never accepted by the French fans and officials, they tried to downplay his three wins, and only stopped when Lance came back on the scene after his battle with cancer.

The French continue to resist the fact that Americans can not only compete but dominate cycling. No doubt there were champagne corks bursting and frog legs popping in the pan when Armstrong announced his retirement. They’d no longer have to see their greatest event renamed the Tour de LANCE, and see him leaving their preferred riders in his wake. But watch out Marcel, there are more of us coming thanks to Lance, his popularity brought new interest to the sport back home, and more and more young athletes are trying to “be like Lance”. In fact they’re taking to it like a pack of dogs on a three legged cat.

Pierre, Jacques, you should be ashamed. One of the greatest athletes in history has graced us, and you’re trying to tarnish it because of petty xenophobia. Shame, shame, shame. Lafayette would not be proud.

That’s my three cents


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amen. I think all Lance has to do is talk to the Tour Directors and threaten to kick their ass. They will immediately surrender and he can take over the country. His first official task - rename the Tour to "How you like those apples - Tour De Lance" //Goodlink//

Saturday, November 05, 2005 5:15:00 PM  

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