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Wednesday, November 09, 2005


New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has been getting a lot of stick lately because he’s asking for more. Yeah sounds like the typical spoiled overpaid athlete we’ve grown used to. But Brady isn’t asking for money, more credit, or more exposure like most of his peers. No, Tom is asking himself “is there more to life than football?”

Despite his triumphs on the field, Super Bowl rings, MVP awards, endorsements, etc, Brady has shown, at least to me, that there’s more to him than a strong arm and a GQ smile. He’s done just about everything a player can do, has fame and fortune, but still thinks it’s not enough.

Brady has been blasted by fans, reporters, and just guys in general for acting blasé about his success. Most guys would kill to be in his position; looks, fame, money, all the trappings that go with being a superstar. They say he’s whining, that he should count his blessings, that he’s ungrateful, that men the world over would love to be him for just a day. They yell at him saying “you’ve got it all, shut up and enjoy it”

They just don’t get it

Tom Brady has never said he’s ungrateful for everything life’s given him. He’s never said he didn’t enjoy everything that’s happened to him both on and off the field. Oh contraire mon freres. He’s always been the first to admit he’s been lucky, and that he has enjoyed it all. He’s been the perfect example of how a professional athlete should act. When he was winning MVPs and Super Bowls, you didn’t see him running around saying “look at me” or “look what I did” or any other sort of conceited trash talking, even though if anyone deserved to, he did.

All Brady is doing now is showing people that he’s more than just a dumb jock with a killer smile. That he has other interests besides football. He simply asked the question “is there something more to life?” He may not know what he’s looking for but at least he knows he should look.

We spend our lives telling each other, our friends, our teammates, our children that “it’s just a game” that there’s more to life than sports, and to keep everything in perspective. And now that one of our heroes has actually said it, is actually living by that credo, he’s being ridiculed, called an ingrate, and a selfish prick.

But the idiotic jackasses that say anything of the sort need to take their pea brained heads out of their collective asses, and stop living vicariously through others. They should stop being jealous of what others have, be it fame, fortune, women, good looks, whatever, and start making something better for themselves.

Tom Brady should be commended for asking “is there more”; we should all ask ourselves that more often. We should never be satisfied, and always strive for something more, something better, if our ancestors hadn’t, we’d still be living in caves. And most importantly, we should always remind ourselves….Its just a game.

Thats my three cents...tonight when you crack open that cold one, instead of reaching for the Sports page, try a little Hemingway


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