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Wednesday, November 02, 2005


From the “who the hell does he think he is” department.

New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson wants to move the Saints out of the Crescent City. At a time when N’Awrlans is at it’s lowest (no pun intended), Benson is trying to take advantage of the situation left by Hurricane Katrina, thus taking on the mantle of the country’s biggest Rat Bastard.

How does yours truly respond to the fact that R.B. (short for Rat Bastard, as he’ll now be known) wants to go to a bigger market? I say LET HIM GO!!! Now before any Saints fans go into conniption fits, let me finish, unlike one of my co-workers from Louisiana who immediately started yelling “YOU CAN”T MOVE THE SAINTS BECAUSE….” yada, yada, yada

I said “let HIM go”. Yes if R.B. wants to move to L.A., San Antonio, Timbuktu, or wherever else he thinks he’ll get a bigger market, let him do it. Here’s why and more importantly how he should be allowed to move.

With all of the devastation left in Katrina’s wake, it will be some time before the Saints can actually play IN New Orleans. With parts of the city still flooded, and people without homes, water, electricity, a working infrastructure, food, hospitals, schools, etc, I really don’t think anyone in their right mind can justify building a multi billion dollar stadium, which they’ll need now that the Superdome is falling apart. And if they can justify it, they need to seriously re-evaluate their priorities, and get a few swift kicks in the beanbag.

Here’s my proposal, let R.B move the franchise, after all why would anyone want to have an owner that openly hates the city and it’s fans and would probably do very little to give them a winning team, or even one they can be proud of. But when he moves to wherever people like him go, he leaves everything to do with the Saints behind. The “Saints” name, the fleur-de-lis logo, the black and gold colors, the record books, everything stays with either the City of New Orleans, or the State of Louisiana. That’s right all of it, including all the Saints’ history, stays put, on second thought he can take that Mike Ditka/Ricky Williams debacle with him, it’ll serve him right.

After the city is rebuilt, and everything is returned to normal, well as normal as the Big Easy can be, then it will have everything in place for Football’s glorious return to America’s most colorful and eccentric city.

But don’t think I’ll let Benson of that easy. If my plan is followed, his new team is going to need a name, and no doubt they’ll have a contest to decide it. That’s when the payback really begins, I’d urge every Saints fan, neh, every sports fan in the country to flood the ballot box and name the team after its owner, and as further payback the Saints first game back should be at home, hosting none other than the Los Angeles/San Antonio/Timbuktu Rat Bastards.

That’s my three cents


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