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Thursday, February 09, 2006


Let the Games begin. The Winter Olympics are set to begin tomorrow in Torino (I refuse to call it by anything but its Italian name), and it’s not a moment too soon. I love the Winter Games, they’re much better than the Summer ones in my opinion. Maybe it’s my cold weather ancestry, maybe it’s the snow bunnies around the slopes, or maybe it’s just that there are more events that interest me and that are more exciting. In the Summer Games, I like the swimming and the odd track and field event, but that’s pretty much it. Don’t mention Gymnastics or Diving, nothing against those fine athletes, but I hate subjective sports. I like events and sports where one guy, or girl, wins because they out ran, out jumped, or out scored their opponent, not based on someone’s opinion or national biased. I know you’re going to throw Figure Skating out there since I’m heralding the Winter Games, but no matter how hot I think the skaters are (the females, sorry Rudy Galindo…not that there’s anything wrong with that), it falls into that category too.

Think of all the cool events (pun intended) in the Winter Olympics. You’ve got Bobsledding, Luge, any and all Downhill Skiing events, Hockey, Speed Skating (long and short track), Snowboarding, Biathlon (no, its skiing and shooting a rifle, you perv), Cross Country Skiing, and even curling (hey, it's the closest bowling will ever come to being in the Olympics). My favorite to watch though is probably ski jumping…tell me that doesn’t take some cajones. Who can forget “the agony of defeat”? No junior that’s not something they get if their ski boots are too tight.

Some of my best sports memories are of the Winter Olympics, which I first watched in 1980 when they were in Lake Placid. Yes the Games have lost their innocence and some shine since pro athletes, read hockey players, have been allowed to compete, not to mention the numerous scandals of the last few years. But for every spoiled pro that trashes a hotel after they lose, this is you TEAM USA, there is a “Miracle on Ice”, for every bribed judging fiasco, there is a Sarah Hughes. The Olympics are still a great venue for the celebration of athletes, and triumph of the human spirit. Remember the Jamaican Bobsled Team? How about Eddie “the Eagle” Edwards? If not look them up because they are great stories. Here were athletes who didn’t have a prayer of finishing in the top half, let alone of winning a medal. They’re guys who were laughed at and ridiculed, until they won over the crowds with their hearts and their determination to show they too belonged. For them just participating was a victory, and in the end, we all won, because they competed.

The snows are falling in the Italian Piedmont, and the torch is about to be lit. Let’s sit back, grab a cold one and watch as the best from around the globe set the winter days and nights on fire, all the while hoping that none of the ugliness in the outside world spills in and spoils the party.

P.S. Bode, if you want to get negative attention away from you don’t try to deflect it to someone else, after all you’re the one who skied drunk, buy the way what did you think would happen when you admitted that? Ass.

Any way here’s what you do. Shut your ganja hole and freaking win something. I used to like you, but when you tried to drag Lance Armstrong into your sad little world, you crossed the line. No matter how many Gold Medals you win, or how many times you’re crowned champion, you’ll never be in the same league as Lance. I’m not talking athletic prowess either. Even with only one testicle, he’s still more of a man than you’ll ever dream of becoming. (I just heard Sheryl Crow's voice in my head saying "thatsa spicy meatball"....haaaaaaaaa)


Although I love the Olympics, both Winter and Summer, and what they stand for (or at least what they’re supposed to stand for). It never ceases to amaze me the furor that people so willingly embrace when the chance to put in an Olympic bid comes around. Countless people and corporations run to jump on the bid bandwagon until its bursting at the seams, fighting tooth and nail to raise billions of dollars for an event that will last 2 weeks.

We need to build new stadiums, venues and apartments for athletes and dignitaries? problem. We need to rebuild our entire city’s infrastructure basically from scratch? problem. We need to tax our citizens for 30 years to pay for it?...No problem.

Yet when asked to do the same to help the homeless, the hungry, the poverty stricken, and those less fortunate than the rest of us, all we get is a wagon full of hems and haws, and billions of empty promises. If we can do it for sport, why not for our fellow man?

Think about that the next time your walking down a wind chilled street that freezes your long john wearing, insulated parka attired, water-proof boot having, scarf wrapped, hot cocoa drinking ass to the bone and you see some guy that’s down on his luck, and remember this…Baby it’s cold outside.

Yeah, a little preachy...but hey, I think we need it....peace

That’s my three cents, and in the spirit of nationalism remember…

"Why is American beer served cold? So you can tell it from urine." -David Moulton


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