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Saturday, February 18, 2006


Week 1 of the Winter Olympics has come and gone, and although there have been some great stories and events, the most talked about has to be the dashing of egos. Some of these egos have been shattered because the teams were simply outplayed. Take for example Hockey. Team USA loses to Slovakia, Canada, the gold medal favorite, upset by Switzerland, and Slovakia beating mighty Russia. The truth on these upsets is that all the “big” teams played like crap. Full of NHL All-Stars, they acted as if they only needed to show up. They got a huge wake up call, and learned the hard way that they’re actually going to have to play. The hockey tournament is wide open now and it’s anyone’s guess who’ll win. The odds still favor Canada, Russia, and Sweden…but my dark horse is Finland (You heard it here first)

The other shattered egos have all been self made. Apolo Anton Ohno, who should get a gold medal for having the coolest name at the Olympics, bottled it in the semi-final of the 1500m Short Track race. All he needed to do was finish first or second to qualify for the final. With 1 ½ laps to got he’s comfortably in second behind a Chinese skater, he’s safe, he’s in, so what does he do? Tries to show off, go around the outside and get the “win” but instead he tanked it went sliding across the ice and out of the final. Apolo, I still think you’re cool, but dude, show some restraint next time.

And biggest gaffe so far has to be U.S. Snowboarder Lindsay Jacobellis, who leading by a country mile in the final Snowboard Cross race, all she had to do was stay one her feet and she had the gold locked, but no she tried to do a board grab ala Shaun White, landed on her ass, was passed by the next rider and was lucky not to be disqualified for going out of bounds. She even tried to claim she was “stabilizing her board against the wind…but not even Stevie Wonder was buying that. Lindsay, babe, I hope that showboating was worth pissing away the gold….I usually don’t give this kind of insult out to female athletes but…JACKASS!!


And now to the biggest ego bust so far has to be the one and only Bode Miller

I think it was Confucius that said "Karma's a Bitch"...You jinxed yourself there Bode, saying you don’t care about winning medals didn’t sit to well with most fans, and apparently Fate didn’t like it much either, since its made sure you didn’t win anything and seem to be on your way to being the biggest Olympic bust in history. 5th in the downhill, OK I’ll cut you some slack on this one since Deneriaz and Walchofer had outstanding runs, but a DQ in the Combined, and a DNF in the Super-G, what the hell is wrong with you man? Take your head out of your Jacobellis and DO SOMETHING in the next two races, start by actually finishing.

By the way…I’m not buying into your whole “I don’t care about winning, medals haven’t changed my life, living the simple life” bullshit.

Un: If you didn’t care about winning, then you wouldn’t be racing, you’d be some out of work ski bum in Vermont who spends all his unemployment check on lift tickets and weed.

Deux: I guess winning all those medals had nothing to do with the millions you make in prize money and endorsements, the fact that you’re famous, the fact that you make a living doing something you love, and spend your off time partying around the world. Which brings me to the last aspect

Trois: the last time I checked, “the simple life” didn’t include jetting around the globe like a rock star, writing “FOR RENT” on your helmet to whore yourself out to corporate sponsors, take golfing holidays in Dubai, or hold out for magazine covers.

I don’t believe to stuff about still living in a cabin with no toilet either.

So in a nutshell…you’re full of shit, period, end of story

Enough negativity….congratulations to all the other athletes from all countries who have competed (except that cheating Russian bitch). Win or lose you’ve made these games great and memorable.

And I think we all need to give a huge shout to Shani Davis for becoming the first black athlete in history to win an individual medal in the Winter Olympics. No doubt it will be talked about in every school in America, and rightly so, this being Black History Month.. Athletes like Davis should be exaulted, not for winning, but for showing young black kids that there is something more than being a thug wannabe, or any of the other bad things that seem happen to a lot of kids in Davis' home in Chicago's Southside. Cheers to you Shani


That's my three cents


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