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Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Every one of the guys on the U.S. Speed skating team should be ashamed of themselves, everyone except Shani Davis and Joey Cheek that is. Most people have heard the unfortunate saga that has made the entire U.S team look like a bunch of asses. You see Shani isn’t part of their little clique. Chad Hedrick, Derek Parra, and the rest of their little cronies, including Coach Dan Jansen are trying to blame Davis for their failures. They say he’s not a team player and is selfish because he wouldn’t give up his dream of Olympic success, in order to help Hedrick satisfy his Texas sized ego. Davis has trained his whole life to win gold in the 1000m race, and he did. Hedrick has only been skating since 2002, and had aspirations, more like over hype, of winning five golds in Torino, and since he didn’t he has to put the blame somewhere, so why not put it to the guy that has NEVER been accepted by the U.S. Speed Skating team or officials.

You see, I’ve had to deal with guys like this personally, spoiled brats with a frat-boy mentality, “frat brats” if you will. They’re the guys we all remember from high school and college that walked around, nay strutted around like their collective shit didn’t stink, all the while refusing to even acknowledge anyone from “outside” their little group….until they wanted something that is. Then when they are refused, they whine and complain that it’s the other guy’s fault for not helping them.

Davis has never been considered on of the team, he’s never train for the team pursuit, which by the way wasn’t even an event until this Olympics, and never, ever gave the illusion that he would do it. Hedrick and the other frat brats are complaining that Davis isn’t a team player because he wouldn’t help them win gold. Personally I don’t think it would have mattered. Here’s a question for Chad and his “boys”…if Davis has never been a team player, has never been “one of the boys”, never gave an inkling that he would run the race, and said point blank that he was training for HIS Olympic dreams….why did you think he would run the race? Why did you wait until a few days before to even ask? Why not ask him months ago? I know I’m asking these idiots to do something they’re not used to doing, thinking logically, but come on. Truth is you don’t care about the team concept, you only wanted to use Davis to help yourselves, and when he said no, you threw a hissy fit. But that pretty much sums up Chad Hedrick’s personality…a cocky, arrogant spoiled brat. The type that can’t shake Davis’ hand when he won…even though Davis shook hi and congratulated him when Hedrick won the 5000m race.

Another question…why not bitch at any of the other U.S. Skaters that didn’t run the race?

Why not Casey Fitzranolph, Kip Carpenter, or Tucker Fredricks? We know why you said nothing about Joey Cheek, with his giving his winnings to charity, helping under-privileged kids, and generally being a nice guy, you’d have been strung up if you said even a whisper about him. But why not the other guys Chad? Could it be because you’re all in the same boys club?

Hedrick has come out and said that unless he wins, he doesn’t care about it. Is this the type of role model we want for future generations of skaters? He’s like that kid we all new on the playground when we were young. He’s all smiles, a good sport, and everyone’s best friend…as long as he’s winning…if he doesn’t win; he kicks the ball over the fence and stomps home to pout. By the way Chad, I’m not buying the whole “my country this, my country that” routine. I know that was for the benefit of the folks back home in Texas who eat that crap up, but no one else is listening. Instead of your country, I think you’re more concerned with YOUR gold medals, and YOUR endorsement deals that may have fallen through because you couldn’t back up your ten-gallon mouth and win 5 golds.

Eric Heiden came out and pretty much said that Davis is justified since he DID win the gold. Athletes from other countries see no problem with what he did, and say they would have done the same thing. So I’m asking….why do we give a crap what a bunch of spoiled frat brats think?


That’s for everyone in the U.S. Media. TV, Radio, Newspapers, the whole lot of you. Shani Davis makes Olympic history by becoming the first black athlete to win an individual Winter Gold Medal, and all you can focus on is the whining of one bitchy Texas crybaby. SHAME SHAME SHAME


Johnny Weir….you’ve gotta love his point blank personality, and the fact that he marches to a different drummer. But to blame his poor performance on the bus schedule is just pathetic. I know he’s admitted to being “pricessy”, that means “spoiled drama queen with delusions of grandeur” for the rest of us, but PUUUHHLEASE. You’re telling me that Ralph Kramden is responsible for a lackluster performance, and the fact that you couldn’t do any quads or triples? I can picture Otto from the Simpsons screaming "dude, don't try the quad" Stop kidding yourself…when you can actually win something with class, then you can bitch…until then, you go in the Tonya Harding section.


I’d just like to remind everyone that yours truly picked Finland to be the team of the hockey tournament, and so far I’m right…5-0 as of this post…why? Because unlike Team USA, Finland is actually playing as a team.


I Think I may be the only person from the South that doesn’t like NASCAR. I like racing, but I prefer Formula 1 and Rally Racing (Baja, Dakar, etc) to guys driving around in circles. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate NASCAR, I just don’t care for it, the same as some guys don’t like Baseball, Soccer, or Hockey (how can they not?). Besides, names like Ford, Chevy , and Dodge can't compare with Ferrari, Porshe, or McLaren. Before anyone flames me for not knowing the sport, keep in mind that I grew up down South, within a couple of hours of most of the big tracks, Bristol, Charlotte, Talladega, Atlanta, etc. And I can tell you more about it and the history of it than most. I can throw out names like David Pearson, Fireball Roberts, Parnelli Jones, Junior Johnson and about 50 more that will make most of the newcomers say “who?” In fact most “new” NASCAR fans are unaware that the sport actually existed more that 5 years ago. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise when I couldn’t care less who won it, the only thing that made me even look up when Sports Center talked about it was because the guy that won had an illegal car. Turns out it wasn't illegal at the time of the race, but still, that added to all the other whining from drivers equals too much hillbilly Soap Opera drama for my taste, maybe it should be called "DAYS OF OUR TORQUE WRENCHES" or something. And what's the deal with finishing under caution? How bush league is that? You never see that in Rally or Formula one


That chant never sounded as sweet as it did last night when the boys from Arsenal went into the Santiago Bernabaeu in Madrid, Spain and became the first ever British club to beat might Real Madrid on its home turf. The GUNNERS, led by Thierry Henry that’s pronounced TEE-ERRY ON-REE (he’s French) ended the night with a 1 to 0 lead going into the next leg of their European Champions League knockout game. So a big shout out to the boys from North London, and good luck in the second leg at Highbury

That’s my long three cents


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