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Wednesday, February 08, 2006


I wasn’t expecting to make another post this week, but this whole Stupor Bowl thing just won’t go away.


Remember the touchdown Seattle had negated by the dubious interference call? I know you do. Guess where the official that made the call, and cost the Seahawks a touchdown is from?...What is Pittsburgh Alex?……DING DING DING DING you just won the big money!!

I thought there were clauses and rules and regulations and sub-paragraphs dealing with conflict of interest….guess not…care to comment Mr. Tagliabue?

Sure he does, but his comments are reserved for Mike Holmgren, not the officials. People are asking, should Holmgren be speaking out and bad mouthing the referees? Damn right he should be. If this had been a one time, one off badly officiated game, I’d throw my hands up and say “fair enough, their human, we all make mistakes”. But the fact that this season and the past several have been plagued by bad calls, and lousy officiating leads me to firmly believe that something must be done.

Part of the problem is that NFL refs are part timers, they all have normal jobs through the week, and this may be the main problem. MLB, the NBA, and NHL all have full time officials and they rarely make bad decisions, oh you get the odd missed foul, or cross check now and then, but rarely any that dominate and change the game dramatically. It may be more difficult to have full time officials since the season is drastically shorter than the other sports, and they only play once per week. But of course, I have the solution. Hold the refs accountable.

Have a rules committee rate them after each game, if their “grades” fall below a certain point, they don’t officiate again until they pass some sort of test, seminar, witch trial, whatever. Or better yet, make the refs available after each game to the press the same way coaches and players are. I guarantee if they start having to justify their decisions to the press and public, and answer questions about bad calls, they’ll stop making them. If a player or coach make a bad decision or mistake, they’re grilled alive by reporters minutes after the final whistle…why not the zebras?

And from the “WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?” Department

I’ve lost so much respect for Joe Montana since he decided to skip the MVP honors preceding the Super Bowl. Mostly because his story has changed a few times already…first it was about appearance money, you greedy bastard. Then it was about his son’s basketball game, c’mon what high school in America has a basketball game on Sunday…Super Bowl Sunday at that. The he said it was because he had moved on and football was no longer part of his life. Joey, a few things here. 1. No one was asking you to come back and play again. 2. No one was asking you to be a full time commentator. 3. If football is no longer part of your life….why do you still make commercials and endorsements wearing your jersey, or using the fact that you're a former football great? The fact that you still make millions off of endorsements based on your legacy as a football player, and the fact that you were in Detroit for most of the week tells me you full of shit. By the way, I’m certain your son would be ok with his dad being honored for 15 seconds in a once in a lifetime event, I mean how many of these guys will be alive at Super Bowl L (that’s 50 for the folks back home in Tennessee)?

As far as Terry Bradshaw goes, I’m not buying his "being with his family excuse either". He was in Detroit all week doing his “job” as an analyst, and was reportedly there during the Super Bowl. So why couldn’t he spare 10-15 seconds for what would have most certainly been the biggest cheer of all for the MVPs? My opinion is this, it’s simple…the Super Bowl was broadcast on ABC….Terry is a high profile commentator/analyst for FOX…end of story. Had it been shown on FOX, I, like Joe Willy, guarantee El Baldo would have strutted his stuff down the field like the cock of the walk.

While I’ll always respect what these two guys did as players, as men, I just have to shake my head.

That’s my three cents and remember….

"The easiest way to spot a wanker in a pub is to look around and find who's drinking a Corona with a slice of lemon in the neck." -Warwick Franks


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