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Monday, February 06, 2006


Those famous words were spoken by arguably the most famous football coach ever, Vince Lombardi. That’s probably what he would have said had he been watching Super Bowl XL, I know I was. Before anyone accuses me of being biased or sour grapes, know that I am neither a Steelers or Seahawks fan, and had no preference over who won (actually I was leaning slightly towards Pittsburgh. I think it was great to see Jerome Bettis finally get a ring and finish his career in his hometown with a win he’s a great player and deserves it. I also think it was great that Bill Cowher finally got the “he hasn’t won the big one” monkey off his back. My problem is how this victory was achieved, or should I say cheapened by some of the most obscenely bad officiating I’ve ever witnessed.

Yes I know that refs make bad calls, it happens. If it had been just one blown call last night, fair enough, they’re only human. Even if there were bad calls all around and both teams were affected, I could live with it. But to see such a blatant, one-sided, and dare I say biased game called is just downright heinous, yes I said heinous. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t begrudge Pittsburgh their victory, just the manner in which it was tainted, by the boys in the stripes. Big Ben and the boys played ok, yes just ok, and the entire team with the possible exception of Joey Porter (did he even play?) are a class act and deserve as much as anyone to be World Champions. But if they’re going to win it all….let THEM win it all. I’m not going to go over every bad, biased call, that’s already been done to death in every column and website dealing with sports. Had the game been called straight, there’s no guaranteeing that the outcome would have been different, but the game itself would have been. To put it bluntly, Seattle was robbed of at least the chance to win. But yours truly believes that’s exactly what was supposed to happen.

Oh no, another conspiracy theory you say? Damn skippy. It was pretty clear that the NFL and the media all wanted Pittsburgh to win. They wanted THE BUS to go out a hero in his home town. All through the two weeks leading up to the game, all we heard was Pittsburgh this, the Steelers that, would be great if Jerome blah, blah, blah. The Seahawks got no respect at all; most of the media acted as if instead of having the best record in the NFC, the League MVP, and a dominant season, that Seattle barely backed into the playoffs, weren’t supposed to be there, and never mattered. Consider that the commercials showing players holding the Lombardi Trophy and telling what it would mean to them were dominated by Steelers, the entire first half, was Pittsburgh players, Matt Hasselbeck was the only Seahawk that got in voice time, a couple other were just quickly shown then back to the Steelers. Also consider the team introductions…Seattle were given some lame ass opera like music, and Pittsburgh got the hardcore bad-ass music.

Then there was the crowd. I know Pittsburgh isn’t that far from Detroit, but come on, there has never been that much of a disparity in tickets and fans. There have been instances where teams played close to home and didn’t have a big difference in fans.

Super Bowl XXXIV in Atlanta, a stones throw from Tennessee, but did the Titans have a crowd advantage? Nope. Or Super Bowl XIX at Stanford Stadium, a practical suburb of San Francisco for fucks sake, no advantage to the Niners either.

Then there's the fact that Sports Illustrated was selling Pittsburgh Championship merchandise before the game even started.

I could go on and on, but I won’t. The bottom line is that Jerome Bettis’s ring, Bill Cowher’s monkey slinging, and Pittsburgh’s “one for the thumb” will be tainted by what everyone is saying is the worst officiated Super Bowl in history, and a one sided media blitz that would make Joseph Goebbels say “well done lads”

It's pretty sad when stories like that of Jerome Bettis, and Bill Cowher's promise to Dan Rooney, and Pittsburgh's great playoff run and 5th Super bowl victory are being over shadowed by bad calls and percieved favoritism...don't believe me? check out every sports website or fan blog and see what the top talking point is. Back to Joey Porter....Joey, dude, the next time you want to talk shit about how good you are, you might want to actually show up and play. I'm not sure they even called your name last night, at least Stevens showed up, even if he did drop passes, at least he was there. And by the way, you're not scary, that comment you made about walking down an alley made me laugh since both you and Stevens have just such baby faces. You can't pull off the "I'm a scary, tough bad ass routine" You're no more intimidating than my three year old daughter Robin. You want scary and intimidating, look at Ray Lewis or Jevon Kearse, now those are guys you want beside you in a dark alley.

Anyway congrats to the Steelers, Jerome Bettis, Bill Cowher, and Dan Rooney. You're all class acts and deserve all the bad they're being blocked out by all the negative aspects of the Super Spectacle

Just when you thought it was over.

One last thing to bitch about. What kind of lame ass half time show was that? I love the Stones, Hot Rocks is one of my favorite CDs, but come on, no one wants to see Mick Jagger’s wrinkled skeleton pretend it’s still sexy, or Keith Richards ambling around like a zombie, I swear I saw the spectre of death following him around, looking at his watch, saying “dude, enough already, lets go” Most of the crowd seemed like they couldn’t care less about them, the real crowd, not those idiots paid the jump around the stage with their hands waving and jumping up and down like they were in a preppy mosh pit. I’m tired of seeing the same OLD performers, like Paul McCartney (I am not a Beatles fan). The people that choose the entertainers need to get their collective heads out of their asses and get something contemporary. I know they’re still stunned by “nipple gate” and only want safe bands, what kind of world has it become when the Stones are considered safe? And nothing is more pathetic than a bunch of 60 year old guys trying to act like they're still 25, how many hair dye companies stay in business because of these guys?

The worst thing about it was that being in Detroit; they had a perfect, ready made show already there. If they want old school, the go with some Motown greats. How about Smokey Robinson, Diana Ross, the Temptations, etc, etc, etc. Or if they want a huge rock band, why not someone like U2 or Green Day? Too new you say, fine, how about KISS, they are still a huge band, electrify crowds, and have strong ties with Detroit, hellooooo “Detroit Rock City” ring a bell? Idiots

My point is not only did they give us a crappy show; they totally disrespected the city of Detroit, by not including it in the show. They’ll point to Stevie Wonder and Martha Reeves' pre-game performances, but no one’s buying it. You fucked up, admit it and do better next year.

If pressed on my true opinion of Super Bowl XL…I may have to borrow from Comic Book Guy….Worst Super Bowl ever!!!

That’s my three cents


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